Oculus Rift Crystal Cove

Oculus Rift Crystal Cove – CES 2014 (1080p AMOLED). Picture: Since I my review of the Oculus Rift development kit, Oculus Rift has demonstrated another awesome prototype that deals with problems I didn’t expect anyone to solve this soon.  The prototype is called Crystal Cove and 1080p AMOLED (ultra fast) Low persistence 6 DOF tracking via camera Much less latency overall Low Persistence With low persistence Oculus VR and Valve has solved one of the biggest issues with the current development kit or actually with VR googles in general….

Oculus Rift Review – Beyond your wildest imagination

You often hear people describe their first encounter with Oculus Rift as an almost life-changing experience, or at least a true next-gen experience. There are countless videos on YouTube with people testing Oculus Rift, with their jaws hanging down their chest, or just screaming like a little girl while trying the Rift Roller Coaster. It’s hard not to jump aboard the hype train when watching these videos and reading all positive things said about Oculus Rift.

Mounting the parts

This is the second part of the Bottlehead Crack build. It’s time to place all the parts on the freshly painted chassis and prepare for the final assembly of the amplifier. This part is just the preparation of the chassis before soldering the part on the terminals,tube sockets and power transformer. From here on, it’s all about the circuits and electronics.

Cabinet and chassis

This is the first part of the Bottlehead Crack build. In the following parts I will show how I made my Bottlehead Crack amplifier and maybe even give you some inspiration for your own DIY projects. Bottlehead Crack is an OTL tube amplifier for high impedance headphones. OTL means that it’s an Output Transformer less design. The output transformer in a tube amplifier causes a lot of distortion because it’s located directly in the signal path.

KODA^1 – Koenig’s Ortho Dynamic Acrylic Headphone

KODA^1 – The Prototype model  After following the ortho dynamic round-up thread on I got interested in making my own custom cans. I knew right away that the T50RP driver was just what I needed for my custom headphone project. A driver capable of delivering an extraordinary detailed midrange – with potential for delivering a fast and tight oomph in the bass region while maintaining detailed highs, without emphasizing  them too much. Remember to read about the  KODA^1 successor:  THE KODA^2 – Optimizing the Prototype  About the material Having worked quite…